Empowering Communication Skills for Employability


Award-Winning Training for Confident Communication


Pinnacle Performance Academy brings effective communication skills to education institutes across the UK and internationally. Through interactive workshops, seminars, assemblies, clubs, career days, individual coaching and virtual learning, the Academy improves life choices and provides the skills to achieve life goals.



Professionalism and Experience


Through Pinnacle Performance Academy, young people now have access to world-class, award- winning training for empowering communication skills. Leveraging the same techniques that its award-winning parent company, Pinnacle Performance Company, uses to train executives around the world, the Academy unlocks employability potential, and supports the progression into further education and the business sector. 



The Pinnacle Method®

 Pinnacle’s award winning three-step process maximises the impact of your message when interviewing and preparing for a job, or further education. The Pinnacle Method focuses on three fundamentals: 

  1. Analyse your audience.
  2. Understand the objective of your message.
  3. Modify vocal, visual and verbal delivery to achieve your objective.

The Pinnacle Method in 90 Seconds